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You're My Favorite Kind of Weird Sticker

"You Are My Favorite Kind of Weird"

You know that person who climbs into your car, immediately pops off their shoes and then proceeds to put their bare feet of the dash? Weird, right?! 

It totally would be; but because of who it is, it doesn't bother you.  

We are all kind of weird, no? How fortunate we are then, when we find someone - a friend, sibling or partner, whose weird matches up so perfectly with ours! 

Perfect for a laptop, locker or notebook, this sticker is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face! 

This sticker was designed and hand-lettered by Positively Lettering. 

Sticker background is clear, not white.

Stickers are made with a durable, lightweight material suitable for outdoor conditions. High quality matte finish. 

Colors may vary slightly due to monitor screen color settings

You're My Favorite Kind of Weird Sticker

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