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You Are Strong Vinyl Sticker

"You are strong.” 

This is part of the You Are...Strong Collection from Positively Lettering.

Are you like me and need a reminder that you are strong - even when you don’t feel like it at all! Who doesn't need this reminder once in a while, especially during these times! We have the capability to be so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. That is why I created this collection. Do you want to send a jolt of encouragement to a friend who could use the reminder, then consider this sticker as a gift! 

This sticker was designed and hand-lettered by Positively Lettering. 

Sticker background is clear; the print is white. 

Stickers are made with a durable, lightweight material suitable for outdoor conditions. High quality matte finish. 

Colors may vary slightly due to monitor screen color settings

You Are Strong Vinyl Sticker

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